Inter-veg-ton – An Intervention with Vegetables

One of the assignments for the photo class was to do an intervention – to interrupt the lives of people around you in a good and/or educational way.

When I’m not in class, I’m usually at the library, and, much like any other student, I find it terrifyingly easy to eat a lot of junk food when I study, because it’s so cheap and tasty.

Keeping in line with my work with the John Givens farm, I decided to hand out carrots to students hard at work studying for midterms and have my friend document it.


A carrot assembled with a note telling recipients about the benefits of eating carrots.


This girl was really excited about her snack.


Guy on the right: “Wait, is this real?”


The carrots were free but if I had paid for them, the look on the face of the girl on the left when she realized she was holding a free carrot would have been worth every penny.


The John Givens Farm – where I’ve been shooting for the past few weeks – is the focus of my project of the story behind a CSA box. Below are a few photos that I’ve already taken of people doing anything from washing vegetables to put in the boxes, to assembling the boxes, to picking them up. 


IMG_0109Eric, on the left, and his father Jesus, on the right, wash carrots that will later be put into CSA boxes. 


IMG_0087Carolyn Givens, daughter-in-law of John Givens, and her assistant Katie assemble about 100 boxes every Wednesday morning that are then picked up by subscribers or delivered for a small fee. 



The two children of one subscriber wait for their Mom on the loading dock, where vegetables are packaged for other deliveries.

“Write what you know,” becomes “photograph what you know”


Pasture. Tehama County.


               Downtown. Corning, Tehama County.

               Photos by Lisa M. Hamilton courtesy of

For my photo class I will be working with farmers and farm workers in the local Santa Barbara area. Lisa Hamilton’s work, along with my lifelong history with rural areas and agriculture, was the inspiration for my focus, and above are two of my favorite photos from her Landscapes of Rural California project which can be found at

I’m in a social justice photo journalism class this quarter, and part of the requirement is to keep and update a blog, so this blog is going to be changing directions a little bit. Our first assignment was to take a picture of “justice.”


Students for Justice in Palestine erected this wall in the arbor at UCSB today. At least 20 boards make up the wall, and each section explains a different injustice occurring in Palestine as a consequence of U.S. foreign policy.