So here is what I’m here to do

I love food and I love where it comes from, but as the daughter of a farmer I’ve seen first hand the hardships that many farmers – particularly farmers of small farms- go through at the hands of people who don’t always get it when it comes to who grows their food and how legislation they’re calling for is going to affect more people than just the big agribusinesses.

On this blog I am looking at the people behind the scenes of the John Givens Farm Community Supported Agriculture program, and comparing them to the people who subscribe to the program. I’ll photograph the farm and the workers as well as those who subscribe to the program and compare the photos.

I’m not trying to attack any group or company, but merely to show the differences in the people who work for the food and the people who consume the food. That, and get to walk around fields all day taking photos.

One thought on “So here is what I’m here to do

  1. Sounds like an interesting project. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops, especially since I’m a subscriber to Givens CSA and visit them often at the farmer’s market. That said, there does seem to be such a huge disconnect between Americans and their food that can be really problematic. I’m always struck by the sight of workers riding their bikes with hand-held farm tools when I visit their SB farm, that really situates the food within the processes and circuits of agriculture and consumption, which are so often invisible depending on how you come by your food.

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