I’ve always been a little obsessed with rural life.

Rural life, rural people, rural culture, it all fascinates me. As the daughter of a farmer living in a town of 6,000 people where the economy was based on agriculture, I grew up right in the middle of rural. I have always been amazed at the resilience and “go with the flow” attitude of the people there, many of whom base their livelihoods on the success of factors they cannot control, who make a living off the hopeless faith that Mother Nature will be consistent.

A few years ago LUCEO, a group of photographers, creators, and problem solvers put out an amazing photo portfolio and short documentary titled Few and Far Between, which was started to document people who live outside the “metropolitan mainstream,” and contains about 40 images and one roughy 9 minute documentary that act as snapshots of rural life.

They also have a very good set of images that depict gun culture in the U.S. that focuses on guns in rural areas.

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