Since the English Class…


Pictured above: On the left, protestors in Charlotte, North Carolina march toward the Bank of America building in downtown Charlotte. In the middle, photographers pause while following the march. On the right, police officers closely follow the crowd.


Since the best English class of my life ended in mid-July, I’ve been busy working for The Bottom Line to get ready for our 2012-2013 publishing cycle. We’ve been through a lot as a publication last year, so my co-executive editor and I are even more dedicated to making this the best year of The Bottom Line anyone has ever seen.

My life hasn’t been all work and no fun, though. Presently, I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina for the next week covering the Democratic National Convention after spending six days in Tampa, Florida covering the Republican one for both The Bottom Line and the community radio station KCSB. It’s consisted of long hours, little sleep, lots of stress but a lot a lot a lot of reward. I’ve learned so much, finally entered the world of radio, and restarted my religious coffee addiction.

There’s a page at the top about my journalistic endeavors and I encourage you to check it out. I love what I do and I want you to love it, too!

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